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Wha are we?

Zebra Spot Partners

Simon and Dahlia Clark

Dahlia & Simon Clark are the co-owners of Zebra Spot Design, as well as the founders of Digital Frog International.

Simon Clark

Simon's actually a physics geek by education. After university though, he got into technology. After a time with Alias:Wavefront, he started his own graphic design company, quckly realized that he sucked at graphic design, and turned to code. He hasn't looked back since. Simon is also an avid community evangelist, working tirelessly to improve his neighbourhood and those around the globe. He also founded the Diyode Community Workshop in Guelph, in 2010, where he has been the president and cheif instigator for the last 4 years

Dahlia Clark

Dahlia's education is in biochemistry, which she excelled at the The University of Guelph. After school, she spent time researching new compounds to treat schizophrenia before leaving the world of pharmaceuticals to start Digital Frog International with Simon. As lead researcher and developer at Digital Frog International, she propelled the company to the cutting edge of new media education, winning every top award in the industry. Dahlia's natural intuition for code allows her to quickly pick up any type of programming, and have it figured out in no time. She does all the difficult stuff. She also make amazing and beautful art quilts that get displayed around the world.

Zebra Spot     Tel: 519.822.6788