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Who are we?

Zebra Spot Design

Programming. Design. Prototyping. Software and Hardware Solutions for Difficult Situations

At Zebra Spot Design, we excel at technology development, with a long history of pushing the limits in software, education and training. We routinely get our hands dirty, messing around with the databases, smashing bugs in open source code whenever we find them, and tricking out our servers to perform fun tricks.

Hardware? You want to talk about hardware? We eat Raspberry Pis for breakfast. Arduinos, beaglebones, custom circuit design, and embedded systems are all at our fingertips. Heck, we built a robot to play Pokémon for us so that we'd have more time to build cool things.

Our projects have won top awards from the SIIA, the Society for Technical Communication, and the United Nations World Summit, among others.

Most recently, our attention has been focused on mobile and server applications, working with PhoneGap, Native iOS apps, nodeJS, next-gen input devices like the KinectOne and LeapMotion, and enough of javascript to drown a tribble.

So, if you're staring down the barrel of a problem, not sure where to go next, or even where to begin, give us a call. Chances are, we know how to get you to where you need to be.

Zebra Spot     Tel: 519.822.6788