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Our Occasionally-updated list of Interesting Projects

At Zebra Spot Design, we each have over 20 years experience pushing bits around, creating and fixing exciting projects. Some of our recent experiences are listed here...

  • Felt Lab - Avatar Project

    The Felt Lab in St. Jacobs was looking for a unique experience to greet visitors to the lab. They had a virtual greeter for the lab, but no way for it to interact with the visitor. We wrote a c++ app that used the new KinectOne camera to detect the visitor and their movements, and built a lab-wide socket network to allow all the equipment in the lab to communicate, and provide a unified experience. Arduino controlled light arrays placed around the lab would also be hooked into the socket service, allowing the virtual greeter to direct attention around the room.
  • Apptui, Inc - Apptui.com

    We created the core functionality of Apptui's ground breaking technology, allowing any mobile device to interact with big screens in wide variety of intuitive ways. This was a great opportunity to put our node.js chops to good use, as well as do some very interesting work with the HTML5 canvas element. We also built a prototype iPad app for the project. Check them out at Apptui.com
  • Yoostar, Inc - Yoostar.com

    Yoostar is, essentially, movie karaoke. The product comes with a bunch of scenes from popular movies with one of the characters removed. Using the webcam that comes with the game, you film yourself acting out the scene, and are immediately chroma-keyed into the movie. We wrote much of the on-the-fly chroma-key and user interface code for the Mac and Windows versions, along with the server-side automation and post=processing code.
  • Digita Frog International - digitalfrog.com

    Our old company, Digital Frog International was looking to explore foreign markets. This meant they needed translations of all the products to several different languages. We built a translation engine that would extract the text from the products, put the english in a translation engine that would allow teachers around the world to collaborate with us to get the text converted to French, Spanish and Chinese. The software would then save out the fully translated product, ready for distribution.

Other clients we've worked for:

  • Centre In The Square - Website optimizations and feature changes
  • Octapharma Pharmaceuticals - Mobile patient information app.
  • Baxter Pharmaceuticals - iPad based data collection
  • Amgen - iPad based sales training and support
  • Symantec Corporation - Website internationalization fixes
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Data collection engine
  • Health Communication Research Institute - Application and mobile app technical fixes
  • NowNow Corporation - Mobile video optimization engine
  • Houghton Mifflin - eLearning technology
  • Tangent Digital Media - eLearning content creation
  • John Wiley and Sons - Textbook support materials
  • C&F Digital Rides - Sales app support
  • Dessins Drummond, Inc - Custom kitchen trim builder app.
  • International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group - Data collection engine.
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