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Zebra Spot Skill Sets

What we can do for you...

Zebra Spot Design has the following skills to offer:

  • Javascript & JQuery - The driving force behind the current web apps we all love.
  • NodeJS - A blazing fast server-side javascript implementation
  • PhoneGap App development for iOS and Android - HTML5 goodness snuggled in a native app wrapper.
  • Objective C - The native code of iOS development.
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone - The new generation of embedded microcontrollers
  • Industrial / Prototype Design - It's not just about software! We build hardware as well.
  • c/c++ Programming - The old workhorse of modern computers. Some problems require a return to basics.
  • PHP/MySQL Programming - The most common server-side and database code on the net.
  • Photography - See a few of our shots here in the gallery.
  • VR creation - See for yourself
  • User Interface Design - The art of making the user happy.
  • Flash Content Creation - Remember Flash? People still use that.
  • Flash/ActionScript Programming - If you're one of them, we can help. We still remember how.
  • Web site design and maintenance - Although we focus on more complicated problems, we can still help out with the basics, if that's what you require.
  • UNIX server administration - We're Debian and Ubuntu geeks, really. But we know our way around Centos, RedHat and FreeBSD as well.
  • XML / JSON Wrangling - Our preferred transport is JSON, but we've got loads of experience with both.
Zebra Spot     Tel: 519.822.6788